Welcome to a LARP of Mutation and Flux

An Intro to Altered

Altered is a survival horror live-action roleplaying game (LARP) located near Owen Sound, Ontario.

Play as a person from Earth trapped in a place called the Other Side—an alternate dimension filled with magic and monsters.

In order to survive in this hostile world, you’ll have to band together with your fellow humans, as well as with enchanted creatures and supernatural forces.

Do you have what it takes to adapt? And if you do, w̷̨̕ḩ̵͆à̵͓t̶͆͜ ̵͖̎w̴͍͝ǐ̶͚l̴͕̾l̶͓̑ ̵̪̄ẙ̴͎ỏ̶͍u̷̫̚ ̷̲͆b̵̦́e̴̻͒c̶͓̑o̴̪̓m̷̪̉ȇ̸̟?̸̝̅



Life on the Other Side

Altered is staffed by a team of experienced LARPers, game designers, and storytellers. The game's setting blends occult horror with fantasy and science fiction. It focuses on the themes of community, discovery, fear, and adaptation.

The Other Side is dangerous. Monsters stalk the forests; raiders patrol the roads. Eldritch beings broker deals that use your essence as currency. The very air you breathe changes your body in horrifying ways.

For better or worse, this world is your home now. Are you brave enough to face the unknown and stand against the forces that threaten you and your community?

You’ll need all the strength, wits, and resolve you can muster if you want to escape the creatures that hunt you…or hunt them in return.

New Player? New to LARP?

Welcome to Altered! We’re always happy to meet new players.

Start by reading the Altered Rulebook (see below). Join our social media groups to meet our friendly community, ask questions, and get advice from experienced players.

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