Community Statement

We're here to have fun, but let's talk seriously for a moment.

LARP is, at its core, a community effort to cooperatively craft a story and bring together nerds to play a game. In an effort to do this we are making this community as positive, open, and welcome as possible while dealing with the mature themes of fantasy and horror that Altered hopes to offer unto you all.

As such, we will maintain these values at our game:

* 18+ Player Base
* LGBTQ+ positive and welcoming
* No discrimination on out of game characteristics of our players (race, creed, gender, diagnoses, etc.)
* Explicit consent for all physical roleplay
* No plot or roleplay involving sexual assault, non-consent, or out of game discrimination
* Self-Care capable

To see our full Community Statement, please click here.

Reporting Concerns

An unfortunate byproduct of communities is that some members of those communities, instead of contributing to a safe and stable place for everyone, destabilize and directly harm or affect the safety of others.

As a community-focused game, we want everyone to have their chance to report anything that makes them feel unsafe. If you have any concerns about your own or another person's safety, we hope that you will come forward to speak to us.

We will attempt to ensure the greatest level of privacy for all of those involved, and fully explain the process and conclusion reached to all parties directly involved in the matter, the only exception being that victims will not be named unless they so desire.

That being said, one of the directors is a provincial police officer and may have a duty to report based on what has happened in the past or at game. This reporting process would mean information being added to police records and reports, especially if any charges were laid as a result of the initial complaint.

Every occurrence requiring this sort of intervention will be handled differently.

In broad strokes investigations will proceed as follows:

1. Receipt of complaint
2. Immediate analysis of affected party's situation to ensure safety
3. Discussion regarding potential outcomes/affected party's desires
4. Discussion with any other parties involved, i.e. witnesses/support
5. Discussion with subject of complaint
6. Analysis of available options by directors
7. Approach to affected party with director's analysis
8. Discussion about outcome/safety with affected party
9. Decision communicated to subject of complaint

It is important to note that we do not guarantee an outcome. The only thing we can guarantee is that we will fully and fairly investigate all claims to the best of our ability in order to promote the safety of everyone in the community.