Event Schedule

For all your chronometer needs.

Altered's 2024 Game Schedule

We are ultimately bound by Chronos, so use a handy pictogram to navigate your threads of fate.

Game's site opens at 1300h the Friday of every event allowing you to set up your tent well before sunfall, and opening announcements traditionally start at 2230h every event. Game Start will then be at 2300h, including our newbie mods. Events typically conclude around 1200h on Sunday, when site pack-up will occur.

A reminder to prelog before game by logging in to save yourself 10 bucks and prevent staff from having to make dark deals with the printer.

Game prices:

  • $55 Admission with pre-log
  • $65 Admission without pre-log
  • $20 if you get an NPC opt-out. This is on a first come, first serve basis. Limited slots are available!
  • Up to 2 bonus AP for $10 each